Pard DS35 70RF Gen 2 Night Vision Scope

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The Pard DS35 70RF Gen 2 Night Vision Scope is a revolutionary new optic that builds on the massive success of the NV008s.

The first thing that users will notice is that the DS35 now takes the form of a traditional rifle scope. Core to the new form factor is a world first for NV Scopes, an 800x800px round display. The unique LTPS unit delivers high-clarity images with rich contrast and an extra-wide field of view for enhanced situational awareness. This perfectly formed screen fits neatly in the DS35s eye piece, for an experience close to using a traditional glass day scope. Other advantages include a 70mm objective, 5.6-11.2x magnification range and a 30mm Aluminium alloy body that enables the use of both traditional scope rings and rifle specific mounting systems.

At the heart of the DS35 is a state-of-the-art CMOS 0.001 Lux 2K imaging sensor, which when coupled with the units directional 850nm IR can see user push their night shooting out to 350m and beyond. Clarity is further enhanced by Pards custom developed VLEA imaging engine. This clever software upgrade helps the DS boost clarity by over 20% when compared to the older NV008p models.

Whilst clarity and handling are two of the 35 LRFs most obvious features, they are not the only enhancements shooters can expe

The new kid on the block features a more intuitive one shot zero, where the image shifts to compensate for elevation and windage adjustments. On the LRF models shooters also benefit from a 1000m rangefinder with a built-in on-screen ballistic calculator, which delivers the shooter an instant hold over and an unrivalled level of accuracy.

Like other Pard models the DS35 is a great choice for both day and night use, with full colour image modes available until the darkest parts of the night, at which point users can switch colour pallets for optimal image recognition when they can make use of the units powerful built-in IR.

In addition to improved tech, the DS35 retains all the popular features of the previous models including Wifi Connectivity, self-activated recording and a fully waterproof construction.

Pard DS35 70RF Gen 2 Night Vision Scope Features:

  • 800*800 Circular LTPS display 1920*1080/ 2560*1440 , the first in the world
  • Image shift zero
  • Ballistic calculator
  • Patented focus-free lens cap
  • Long eye-relief display system (LEDS)
  • 350m Adjustable IR fill light
  • 1200yds laser rangefifinder
  • Self-activated recording
  • Completely new UI
  • 4 Image modes (color, black and white, green and yellow)
  • Multi-functional control knob
  • WiFi
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • 6000J Recoil resistance


Pard DS35 70RF Gen 2 Night Vision Scope Specifications:

Resolution(px) – 2560x1440px
Pixel size(um) – 2.9µm
Sensitivity(lux) – 0.001
Frame rate(fps) – Colour 60fps
B&W 30fps
Image engine – PARD VLEA
Objective lens – 70mm F2.4
Optical magnification(x) – 5.6x
Digital zoom (x) – 2x
Continuous Digital Zoom -5.6-11.2
Field of view (HxV) Horizontal – 3.4
Field of view (HxV) Vertical – 3.4
Field of view (HxV) Diagonal – 4.8
Focus Range – 5m-
Eye relief (mm) – 100
Exit pupil (mm) – 10
Type – IPS LCD
Resolution(px) – 800×800
Reticle style – 6
Reticle color – white / yellow / green
Color mode – Color / Mono BW / Mono Green / Mono Yellow

Photo resolution(px) – 2560x1440px
Photo format – JPG
Video resolution(px) – 1920×1080
Video format – MP4
Storage – TF card (128GB)

Battery type – Lithium Ion18650*1
Output voltage (V) – 3.7V
Operating time (Hours) – 8hrs Max
External power supply(V) – USB Type-C

Pard DS35 70RF Gen 2 Night Vision Scope

£849.99  (ex. VAT £708.33)

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