MTC Swat Prismatic 10 x 30 'Atom' Scope

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The MTC Swat Prismatic 10 x 30 is the second SWAT Prismatic model. A 10×30 that has earned the nickname Atom, due to is diminutive size.

Like its (slightly) larger 12×50 sibling, the all-new 10×30 SWAT Prismatic is a little scope featuring some big differences. SWAT stands for Super Wide-Angle
Technology, meaning the Atom offers of a much wider field of view than a conventional 10x magnification scope. Whats more, it harnesses its highly detailed sight picture courtesy of an ultra-short eye relief and a concertina rubber eyecup, making it particularly suitable for low-recoil rimfires and air rifles.

Despite its small dimensions it measures just 123mm from the 30mm objective to the eyepiece the 10×30 is anything but short on features. Its external elevation and windage turrets not only offer the much-favoured MIL-rated click adjustments, they are lockable and feature resettable verniers. Near-perfect optical centring can also be achieved courtesy of the Atoms tilt-adjustable mount (supplied).

Besides a quick-focus eyepiece, theres side parallax adjustment to eliminate aiming errors at closer ranges, with adjustment down to 6 metres. And the Atom sports our new and simplified MD5 mil-dot reticle, which can also be illuminated to one of 10 brightness settings.

10x Magnification

30mm Objective Lens

The MTC Swat Prismatic 10 x 30 is recommended for:


Hunter Field Target

Field Target

Extreme Bench Rest


MTC Swat Prismatic 10 x 30 Features:

  • Short eye relief that gives three times the field of view than a conventional scope with the same size lens
  • Glass-etched crosshair: MD5 reticle design exclusive to MTC Optics
  • Edge-to-edge multi-coated lenses: bright, clear picture quality
  • Side parallax adjustment: eliminates parallax error and assists in range-finding
  • 6-metre minimum focus: suitable for airgun use and ultra-close-range shooting
  • Reticle illumination: assists with tricky background and lighting scenarios
  • 34mm body tube: more substantial build quality and light transmission
  • Fully water, fog and shock proof: increases longevity of the scope
  • Nitrogen purged: internal regulation of scopes high-end performance

MTC Swat Prismatic 10 x 30 'Atom' Scope

£339.00  (ex. VAT £282.50)

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