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Klarus Filter For XT11

£9.99  (ex. VAT £8.33)

The Klarus Filters are made to a very high standard using hardened ultra-clear glass with an anti-reflective coating which is specifically designed to work with the high power output of the Klarus XT11 Flashlight. The filter body is manufactured from Aircraft Grade high quality Aluminium and is hard anodized for extreme durability making it useable in almost any environment and come in a plastic protective case.

To use a filter on the XT11, you simply unscrew and remove the steel strike bezel and replace it with the filter. This is the most secure way to use the filter on a XT11.

Red Filter: Used for emergencies, caution, traffic signal and hunting to not spook game. Great for penetrating fog or smoke. Does not disrupt night vision

Green Filter: Used for hunting at night in woodland areas or where there is a lot of foliage. The green light provides good night visibility without spooking animals. Good for Map Reading.

These are to fit the Klarus XT11 Professional Torch.


  • Material -Aircraft Aluminium (Ring)
  • Colour – Red or Green
  • Compatibility – XT11 Flashlight
  • Weight – 10gr

Klarus Filter For XT11

£9.99  (ex. VAT £8.33)

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