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Remington Moistureguard Rifle Plugs

£9.50  (ex. VAT £7.92)


Remington Moistureguard Rifle Plugs are rust preventative plugs and provide a vapour process that penetrates and protects even the smallest crevices of your valuable metal surfaces.

Remington’s Moisturguard VCI technology (volatile Corrosion inhibitor) vapours blend with the moisture an oxygen in the air and stop rust and corrosion process in its tracks

  • Protects all metals and non ferrous ( Brass, Bronze, Copper,Aluminium,Steel, Stainless Steel)
  • Leaves no scent residue
  • Place in Chamber to protect barrel
  • Stores in chamber while in storage


3 Plugs included

  1. 222-223 cal.
  2. 243 ,308, 7mm-08 cal.
  3. 270, 30-06 cal.

Remington Moistureguard Rifle Plugs

£9.50  (ex. VAT £7.92)

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