Klarus Remote Pressure Switch - ED10

£19.99  (ex. VAT £16.66)

The Klarus Remote Pressure Switch ED10 is the worlds first multi output remote pressure switch. Constant on, momentary on, and multi-output all in one unit which also accesses high-mid-low modes and strobe. Its signal control switch means there is no loss in efficiency and coupled with the low standby mode (current 3uA) means it uses almost no battery life extending its run time. The ED10 works with the XT10, XT11, XT20, and XT30.

Klarus Remote Pressure Switch Specification:

High quality resilient PU material

100,000 clicks life cycle

Waterproof to IPX-8 standard

Diameter of tail: 25mm. Length of tail: 40mm

Length of curly wire: 23cm. Whole length of remote pressure switch: 46mm

Weight: 42g

Klarus Remote Pressure Switch - ED10

£19.99  (ex. VAT £16.66)

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